Carnegie Library History

Mission Statement

The Society's mission is twofold.

First, to preserve the proud heritage and culture of Osborne County, Kansas and the surrounding region for our children and grandchildren.
Second, to instruct and strongpower the public to sustain this vital objective throughout the 21st Century.

About Us

Osborne's Carnegie Library is a research and educational center operated by the Osborne County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc. for the purpose of preserving Osborne's historical documents, photographs, and history.

The ornate Classic-style Osborne Carnegie Public Library was based on plans from the Carnegie Library in Riverside Iowa. The stone and brick structure was built in 1912 and funded by a $5,000 grant from the Carnegie Foundation, with the stipulations that the city of Osborne provide $500 a year for maintenance and the building always remain a library.

From 1912 through 1995 it served the community as the Osborne Carnegie Library. In 1987 the building was place on both the National & Kansas Registers of Historic Places. When a new public library was completed in 1995 the Carnegie was slated to be torn down. The Osborne County Genealogical & Historical Society then stepped in and accepted the challenge of raising the nearly $100,000 needed to renovate the building. This difficult renovation project was compted soley with private donations. The dedication cerimonies celebrating the library's re-opening were held in May 2001.

Currently the building serves as the headquarters of the Osborne County Genealogical & Historical Society, who operates it as a regional genealogical & historical research center. Donations are accepted from those who visit and conduct thier own research, with small fees for copies and photgraph reproductions. Resonable fees are charged for research costs and whenever the Society responds to queries and other questions of a genealogical and historical nature.

The Carnegie serves as both the official County Archives and as a repository for printed, projected, and electronic doucumentation. Familes and organizations are encourage to deposit thier important material with the Carnegie for future safekeeping.

Private donations are the only source of revunue for the Carniegie's upkeep. All monetray contributions and memorials to the memory of loved ones given to the Carnegie are permanently acknowledge either in the Book of Honor or on the Wall of Honor, both prominently displayed in the entryway to the Carnegie.

The Osborne County Genealogoical & Historical Society, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) non-proit organization in 1975. All gifts to the Society are deductible as a charitable contribution on your Federal Income Tax Form. We welcome your support of your efforts to preserve for your children and grandchildren a proud culural history that record sthe heartaches and triumphs of those settlers who first come to Osborne County and North Central Kansas.

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